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With our packages you can tailor your service to your business, no matter the size.
You can combine your service with our fleet management solution I_Site, which allows you to be in complete control of your business by providing you with essential fleet and service data.

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Local to you, always

Service technician doing truk check

What you always get

  • A single maintenance agreement for all makes of truck, even if your trucks are not from Toyota
  • Transparent service with no hidden costs: full worksheet display for secure sign-off
  • Accredited technicians, who have completed the STEP training programme
  • Fast response time
  • Full service history

Every Toyota Service Plan offers you Toyota Genuine Parts

  • 95% of spare parts are always available in stock. Genuine parts are delivered in 24 hours anywhere in Europe
  • Genuine parts are designed and tested to be safe and to prevent equipment failure
  • Genuine parts generate a lower downtime risk and repair costs, increasing profitability
  • Genuine parts are recyclable and environmentally friendly

Man holding a phone with I_Site app showing

Brand new feature: service request via the I_Site application

  • Get in contact with our service team directly
  • Send a service request message from your mobile device
  • You can also add a picture and specific message
  • Quick and easy: reduce downtime & improve productivity

Why Toyota Service?

Service technicians
Delivery of parts
Services per year
Fix at first visit
Net Promoter Score

How customers rate us

What is important to our customers?

Through a recognised methodology we ask what is important to our customers and how we perform: the Net Promotor Score allows us to benchmark our performance.


Since service is a key differentiator, it’s important to our customers that we get repairs done quickly, get things right the first time, and make sure parts are available when they need it.


Each month we collect more than 1500 customer surveys, which allows us to continuously improve our service. This way we can help our customers increase productivity and control cost.