Logistics Solutions Center

Logistics Solutions center is dedicated to find new technologies and solutions in logistics. We focus on automation, warehouse equipment and telematics.

Logistics solutions solving logistics problems

In the material handling industry, labour and damage costs often represent a significant part of the overall running costs of the operation.

In repetitive material handling operations we can reduce these costs by improving capacity, productivity and safety thanks to automated solutions, telematics and software solutions created in our Logistics Solutions Center.

Working towards the future

As logistics is continuously developing, we also develop the appropriate solutions for our customers who demand timely, accurate deliveries, higher throughput and flexibility in an ever-changing environment.

Through advanced technology and smart software we help our customers to increase safety, productivity and achieve exceptional efficiency.

More about future technology

Supporting you every step of the way

Creating a logistic solution starts by analysing your entire operation, and throughout the development we adapt our solutions to be flexible to your environment. We do this by using our standard equipment and combining it with unique intelligent software solutions, which allow you to communicate with your warehouse management systems. The use of data from connected trucks can lead to insights allowing you to significantly improve productivity and reduce costs.

Innovative solutions built in an innovative environment

We have the opportunity to work in the Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, a location that is internationally recognised for logistics, telematics and media. Working here, we have access to a technical and innovative network. And it allows us to keep close contact with e.g. Chalmers University.

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Správa flotily I_Site

I_Site pripája vašu flotilu, zbiera dáta a poskytne vám prehľad čo sa deje a odporučí vám ako optimalizovať vašu prevádzku.

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Autopilot pri horizontálnom transporte

Automatizované riešenia

Naše rady automatizovaných vozíkov a nosičov nákladu ponúkajú vyspelé a flexibilné riešenie pre efektívnejšiu a hospodárnejšiu manipuláciu s tovarom.

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Ľahké policové systémy

Regálové riešenia

Pomáhame optimalizovať obchod, znižovať náklady a zvyšovať produktivitu s optimálnym regálovým riešením.

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Spotme in action in warehouse

SpotMe warning system

Warehouses are crowded, fast-moving environments, with limited traffic rules. In order to stop accidents, we created SpotMe.

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