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Logiconomi Fórum na CeMATe 2018

Inšpirujte sa od oborníkov z priemyslu na najnovšie trendy

Welcome to the Toyota Logiconomi Forum

In our Logiconomi Forum we’re inviting internal and external speakers to talk about the key issues of our industry. Each day at CeMAT you will have the opportunity to learn more about one of the following trends: logistics 4.0, autonomous systems, safety, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, TPS and lean. No matter which topic you’re passionate about, you’re welcome to visit our Pavilion 32 and meet the leading experts: TPS consultant Sam Nomura, Microsoft’s Simon Floyd, Jan van der Velden from our sister company Vanderlande, and many more. Below you can already get a taste of what we have in store, but make sure to download the programme as well to have a complete overview.

A highlight of our keynote speakers...

Artificial intelligence, Robotics and new technology : preparing for the future – exponentially

Randall van Poelvoorde, Founder RobotXperience

The use of automation and robotics is already the norm in the industry today, but there is clear evidence that the journey has only just begun. Artificial intelligence and the introduction of robots working alongside humans are the next steps in the journey, and the exponential growth in robotic competence cannot be ignored. Randall van Poelvoorde is an expert in this field and will provide a provocative overview.


Tuesday 24 April: 11AM and 2PM


Safety from the top down: the case study of Heineken

Reyes Gonzalez, Global Head of Health and Safety, Heineken

Safety is a critical issue in every workplace, and this is particularly true in logistics and manufacturing, where accidents can still be a too-frequent occurrence. Reyes Gonzalez has been the driving force behind a safety programme within Heineken that has been implemented ‘top-down’ within the group – with measurable and impressive results.


Wednesday 25 April: 11AM and 2PM


Achieve ultimate product quality with lean methodology

Sam Nomura, Senior TPS consultant to Toyota Group

Based in Japan, Mr Nomura has a long experience working with Toyota, focused on methodologies in the Toyota Production System. One of the core values of Toyota is ‘Kaizen’ – meaning continuous improvement. This presentation will share the approach taken by Mr Nomura to implement a ten-year improvement project that resulted in exceptional quality improvements and warranty claim reduction across six manufacturing sites in Europe, USA and Japan.


Thursday 26 April: 11AM and 2PM

Automation: Meeting ever-accelerating consumer demands

Jan van der Velden, Market Director Warehousing, Vanderlande

E-commerce is completely changing consumer expectations. They demand speed, accuracy and flexibility throughout the entire ordering and delivery process – and want you to follow the heartbeat of their lives. As a result, today’s e-commerce and omni-channel warehouses face numerous challenges. Jan van der Velden will explain how you can seize this opportunity and how automation in fulfilment can bring you an additional business differentiator.


Friday 27 April: 11AM and 2PM

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